Friday, October 21, 2011

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: A Round-Up

This was originally a weekend round-up and then somehow it became Friday! Where did the time go? So here are the highs and lows of the week:

The Good
One Tail at a Time has some very exciting new Billy logo "I love my rescue dog" t-shirts on sale. I'll post a link once they're up on the site but for now you'll have to make do with a teaser photo.

(At this point the caption should really read "My Rescue Dog loves chicken and refuses to wake up from his nap without it, at which point the squirming makes snapping a self-portrait with an iphone kinda impossible for the lady holding the snacks" but that's just not as catchy on a t-shirt.) I picked up Billy for some alone time on Saturday and we a took lovely three hour walk to Insights Tattoo Studio where OTAT was holding an event so that we could pick up a t-shirt.

It was settling-up time for my baseball bet so I emptied out the jar and marched the contents off to one of the board members. Setting aside a dollar at a time is such an easy way to manage your giving and it was very satisfying to hand over $109 without making a dent in my current bank balance. Grab a jar and give it a whirl!

Tomorrow is Pit Bull Awareness day so go and give the bully in your life a giant squeeze and a smooch. If you're in the D.C. area and don't have anyone to smoosh then you're in luck. Love and a Six Foot Leash is sponsoring an adoption special on four hand-picked wonderful pooches. Check it out and share with your friends.

Alfred and Bruce did some serious snuggling towards the end of their stay which is great progress for them given that usually proximity = play. I attribute this to my excessive laziness which means they had a sterling role model in couch lounging.

As fond as I am of the dynamic duo, I was very happy to get my own Bilbo back on Tuesday morning and I picked up foster Flower later that day. Having Bilbo back is definitely a "good" but I have mixed feelings about the little miss. Much as I adore her, I can't believe the little nugget hasn't got a home of her own yet.

In the middle of a very busy week (see here & here) I somehow managed to miss the news that we'd won Tucker Tells All's comment-a-thon. They very kindly donated $55 to One Tail at a Time in our name, which we're thrilled about. Flower was inspired to pay it forward so check back here tomorrow for her grand plan!

The Bad
I have no idea where my camera charger is so all photos are iphone snapshots. My camera's not that fancy anyway so it isn't the hugest loss of quality but I do have a tendency to play with the settings on my iphone so you could get some pretty odd shots until I find the charger.

Handsome Bill goes Hipstamatic
As mentioned above, the cutest little dancing chihuahua in the world still hasn't found a home. Now that the sun has come out again (the past few days in Chicago have been vile!) I'm planning on taking her out and about further afield to see if she can charm some passers-by. It's starting to get a bit chilly and she's not too keen on the cold so she'll also be sporting a snazzy new coat, especially since, to add to her homeless state, the poor little peanut has a touch of the sniffles too.

Billy is still mildly scabby so, although it's by no means as bad as it was, it seems another vet trip may be in our future if he doesn't clear up properly soon. Sigh.

The Ugly
Oh Alfred. He does like to have stuff in his mouth - a blanket, a bone, a leash, a limb...

I managed to last a whole week without getting him into a situation which demanded a "game" of leash tug but a poorly chosen route came back to bite me on Sunday. I was out with both pooches and carelessly walked past the house with the two giant mastiffs. The territorial beasties promptly charged the fence and I got a bit tangled up in Bruce's leash and failed to whisk my two off quickly enough. The excitement was all a bit too much for the big-headed lug who decided to grab at his own leash and exert every last ounce of his strength to pulling me off my feet. Luckily or unluckily the leash was around my waist at the time so, while it was rather painful, I didn't lose hold of either pup. We put on quite a show for the neighborhood. As Alfred had worked his way up to the loop that was around my waist, it looked rather like he was attempting to disembowel me. At first my response was very poor and I was terribly frazzled and snappy (I had Bruce in my other hand and he started to leap onto Alfred to try and make him behave). When someone called over to see if I was ok I quickly realized that I had to bring down the excitement a few notches and after calming myself, Alfred eventually lost interest and took a seat. I got off pretty lightly in the end and the only injuries suffered by any of us were a few bruises here and there, including this rather splendid 8-incher on my leg.

Since I finished with the bad news, you should probably go and like us on facebook for much more perky pupdate and cute pics!


  1. O My God! Your last paragraph could totally have described any number of my walks with Fozzie and either of my other two! He is an incurable leash tugger. When he gets the least bit frustrated--which happens whenever I say hello to another human, for God's sake--he grabs that sucker and tugs at it like NObody's business!

    We should co-conspire and try to come up with an intervention! For now I haven't come up with anything besides physically grabbing his harness, then grabbing the leash and taking it out of his mouth :(

    Anyway, thanks for the story--glad to know I'm not alone!

  2. ooh that bruise looks painful! if it makes you feel any better, though I was not injured I had a gross situation while walking Maisie yesterday. I was forced to pry open her mouth (dropping the bag of poop I was holding on the sidewalk first), reach my hand down her throat and pull out a slimy, discolored chicken wing that she'd picked up too quickly for me to pull her away and refused to spit out. it took some serious gag reflex suppression for me not to vomit. my hands were covered in saliva and bits of moldy chicken skin. I actually think I may puke right now, just thinking about it...


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