Friday, October 14, 2011

Perfect Friday News!

Oh poor Bruce Wayne.

His big brother gets a long post all to himself and Bruce has to wait and wait for one of his own. Then, just as I'm going to get myself in gear and tell you about his adventures in the hood he gets completely upstaged!

I used to have a pair of girls and an Italian Greyhound as downstairs neighbors. As far as neighbors go, they weren't terrible but the persistent 3am weekday parties got a bit exhausting and they used to leave poop and empty beer cans lying in the backyard. Ick. They moved out a little while ago and the landlord did some painting and put in a new closet and then started to look for new renters. Being the helpful tenant that I am (how else do you think I persuaded a landlord who only wanted little dogs to let me move in with a Bilbo and string of fosters?!) I put up the craigslist posting for him and started to spread the word.

My reward for being helpful? The BEST neighbors ever!

(Well, we don't get the two wee ones too, but I'm too excited to go searching
for photos and just poached the first one I found on facebook with all three)

Billy's adorable fostermom, Kelly, is moving in with her sheltie Izzy and a handsome ambassadog you may have heard of, Fifty the two-legged pitbull. Billy may die of excitement as he loves Kelly and I am still doing a wild happy dance over striking neighbor gold like that.

Even Alfred got so excited that he ate a hole in one of my pillows. I've been meaning to try out some applique so I guess he just picked the pillow I'm going to experiment with.

P.S. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for "Educating with Bruce" or he'll never forgive me for stealing his limelight.

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  1. Great news! They look like wonderful neighbors!

  2. That's awesome!! Even in the blog world, I can't wait to hear of your adventures together!

  3. Hey, guys! Is this the organization you wanted to receive the donation you won?

    Please email me at and let me know. Thanks!


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