Monday, March 26, 2012


Photo: Life With Alfred

Seven wanted me to hand over the blog to her for Puppytalk but I suggested she might find it a bit tricky to type with her front paws. She's agreed to let me write today's post as long as she can chip in from time to time.

Nom nom nom
Photo: Life With Alfred

If you follow our facebook page then you already know that she and Billy hit it off straight away. For all his quirks, I'm always very proud of the way he deals with our fosters. Whether they're shy or rambunctious, he usually hits the right tone with them. In this case, he tumble plays without getting too rough and shows plenty of patience if little shark teeth latch onto his jowls when he's trying to snooze. ["Ha ha, didya see! My whole head fits in the big goober's mouth" - Seven]

Puppy kisses
Photo: Life With Alfred

I've never had a puppy in the house before so I have to keep my wits about me ["Mom is so mean, she wants to keep all the chewy toys to herself - even the really nommy ones like shooos and computer why-ers" - Seven]. Luckily puppy kisses and hilarious Billy-Seven playtimes make up for the extra work and 'accidents' in the house.

Photo: Life With Alfred

The biggest challenge is trying to balance play with keeping her restricted. It would be great to take her out and about to socialize her, or let her tumble around with Billy until they're both worn out. However,  she needs to take it easy so as not to exacerbate the problems with her front legs. ["Okay, these silly peoples just don't understand. I mean, I feel sorry for the big one having four boring matching paws but seriously, I can beat him up the stairs if foster-momma would just put me down" - Seven]

She has an appointment scheduled this week to meet with a specialist so we'll soon know more about the next steps to making life a little easier for her.

What's up?

If you'd like to support Seven-Five's rehabilitation, please consider donating to Dutch's Fund, One Tail at a Time's fund for dogs with special medical needs. Click HERE for more information and to donate now.


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