Friday, March 9, 2012

Adopt-a-Bill: Penelope

I realize it must be hard seeing all these smooshable photos of the handsome Billydog and knowing that the only way you could ever get your paws on him is to pry him out of my cold, dead fingers (and even then...). So, I've decided to save you a bit of legwork and find you your own Billy lookalikes available for adoption.

Check out Penelope! Oh my, this lovely 53lb girl is quite the catch.  She loves to play, gives great hugs and kisses and even has a talent for languages.

She's looking for a home without other pets but it looks like she'd be just fine with human siblings.

Penelope is available for adoption from Animal House Shelter in Huntley Illinois (which, coincidentally is the same shelter that my greatly-missed Buster boy came from).


  1. I love this new series! But, no dog could ever be quite *nearly* as handsome as Mr. Bilbo. ;)

  2. What a GREAT idea for a new series!!!! I love it!!

  3. Gorgeous! But you knew I'd say that :)

  4. Very nice look alike! I always find myself drawn to dogs who are look-alikes to mine.

  5. Penelope is very very scrumptious. I hope a lucky adopter feels the same way soon.


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