Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sox Pride

Before we get on to part two of "What's in your purse", it's time for a brief seasonal diversion. Baseball season is upon us and, although I didn't get to a whole lot of games last year, I've always enjoyed flaunting my sox pride and spending an afternoon at the ballpark - REDSOX pride, that is! Gasp!

I won't bore you (at least not right now!) with the tale of how a Brit living in Chicago became addicted to Redsox baseball. Suffice to say it's an international tale of a German hotel, long October nights watching games on the internet in London and a certain '04 team. Anyway, it's done, it stuck and no-one has managed to convert me to a Chicago team yet. They've certainly tried...

With that said, I have a confession to make. I'm going to be rooting for Whitesox pitcher Mark Buehrle this year.

Mark and his wife Jamie are wonderful and outspoken supporters of rescue efforts in Chicago, so in honor of the start of baseball season I made a rather public betrayal of my Redsox pride with the following declaration on facebook:
Baseball season is here! Though my Sox are of a crimson hue, did you know that the White Sox' Buehrles are big supporters of dog rescue here in Chicago? So for every strikeout #56 gets this year I'm donating $1 to One Tail at a Time - & to show MY Sox pride, for a Redsox batter I'll make it $5! And if some of those Whitesox fans out there can't match me, well, you're just not much of a fan are you?!
A number of One Tail supporters have already stepped up to meet the challenge so, with my Redsox cap firmly planted on my head, I'll take a deep breath and give a little cheer for every strikeout from #56!

Jamie and Mark Buehrle


  1. I love it! What a great idea - I am a Chicago girl and Cubs fan at heart and find it difficult cheering for any other team... but I had no idea the Buehrles were rescue people! I'll definitely be cheering 56 on this season :)

  2. Go Sox!! Parker sports his Red Sox collar and leash all season and Skye... well she gets excited when we all cheer. I'm sure she'd love to run the bases at Fenway; maybe I'll bring her in a few weeks when I go see a game. Look for a little blue pit on the field, and you'll know who to blame!

  3. Ha! I'll definitely keep an eye out for her, tell her to give all the guys a slobber from Billy and me!

  4. I found your blog a bit randomly (originating with a google search of 'pit bull blogs' to tie me over till I can pick my dog up from my parent's place) and then I saw you were a sox fan. Man, the broke my heart so many times, There were a few year (2004 being one of them) where I just bawled at the end of a game. My sister went to school in the UK (Scotland) and got her housemates into the RedSox.


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