Saturday, April 14, 2012

Celebrity Puppy

We're still alive around here but it's been a heck of a month and it looks like it's going to keep up for another week or so yet. However, it doesn't seem fair to leave you hanging without a cute puppy fix so click HERE for Seven-Five's fifteen minutes of fame (well, more like four) on WGN news yesterday!

And for those of you who haven't followed her antics on facebook, check out her playdate with two-legged Fifty:

I've got some adorably cute video of her and Billy's games which I'll try and edit this week, but we'll be back regularly once I've got through a rather intense bout of last minute house-guests, taxes, concerts, new job-starting, closet reorganization, multiple baby-quilt making and driving tests!


  1. How adorable is that? Incredibly sweet!

  2. Seven looks like a great puppy! I enjoyed watching her romp around with Fifty.

  3. We miss you! Let's plan another doggy date soon :)

  4. It's been sometime. Hoping for updates!


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