Monday, May 30, 2011

We missed you!

While I knew I'd be displaying just how unruly the pups can be in their door greetings, I couldn't quite resist the temptation of catching our welcome-home on camera. I shot a snippet and then had to put the camera down and start behaving myself instead of adding to all the excitement.

Bilbo's favorite way of catching up is to sit in my lap for cuddles so I ended up on the floor doing double duty petting pooches.

Eventually Bilbo and Buster were tired out enough to just flop down and grin at us, but Clover was insatiable and couldn't stop wriggling in for more attention (apologies for the poor picture quality but a pittie smile that big just has to be shared regardless!)

I was happy to see that Bilbo had resisted the temptation to break out of his crate as that's something we've been working on a lot recently. Unfortunately, he shouldn't have been left in there for such a long time yet so it's more good luck than good management that our last two months of gradually desensitizing him to being in there on his own wasn't completely undone.

On the one hand, it was incredibly kind of Dogdad's roommate to agree to look after the pooches for part of our trip (other friends covered for all three pups when he was out of town). It's particularly reassuring to know that they're all together in a familiar place with someone they trust, and options are limited given that Bilbo doesn't really do daycare - that's a story for another day. However, sometimes people like to do things their own way and it appears that you can't quite leave a rulebook when friends are involved and there was a fair bit of variation from the norm going on. While the pooches are in tip-top shape and no doubt enjoyed spending all that time together, I think it will be best to find alternative options in the future. 

What works best for everyone else's pooches?


  1. That is definitely a great pittie style! We only trust Dental Student's mom and dad and their pittie, Molly. They definitely do some things we would rather they didnt, but they live on an acre, are home a lot of the day, and its FREE!

  2. Glad you guys are back in action :). We haven't had to leave Molly overnight yet, but fortunately we have quite a few options, both our parents live close by and are totally willing to watch their "grand-dog" and we also have a few friends that would be willing to take her on as well :). Nothing like friends and family!

  3. We used to leave the girls with my mom and step-dad for longer trips, but Toni's mental balance is so precarious that now we just add the cost of "sleepover camp" at Unleashed Pups to our trip expenses. They are fantastic, totally pit bull friendly (not like the many places we called first who said they loved pit bulls...but wouldn't let them play with the other dogs) and our dogs come home as cared for as they would have been with us. (And I won't even mention the time they stayed with my mom for two weeks and came home so much heavier that we had to loosen each of their collars by a notch! Surely that didn't factor into this new arrangement at all!)


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