Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Busy puppy

Sunbathing Seven

It's such hard work when you're a celebrity puppy. The pupperazzi are hiding around every corner and you have to put in an appearance at all the notable events. Seven-Five has been working the scene at adoption events, on TV and even at fundraisers, doling out kisses and hugs to all of One Tail at a Time's Team Trivia supporters.

Seven at Team Trivia

In between all the schmoozing, she found time to get spayed, have an appointment with the specialists at CVES and meet with Robin from Paws to Embrace to get fitted for a leg brace. Phew. The consensus is that she will likely need an operation to fuse her wrist when she is fully grown. In the meantime, the brace will give her added stability and hopefully help prevent any other problems.

Of course, Seven has no idea why we're such fusspots because all she wants to do is play. In keeping with her movie star lifestyle, she made a video journal of the fun she gets up to in her spare time.

It's a bit long but don't miss the end - although I caught it on my iPhone (no, Miss Moviestar Seven does not approve of my quality control) it's pretty adorable...


  1. Billy is the greatest big brother EVER. That video is beyond adorable.

  2. Billy = Best Supporting Actor! What a great foster bro he is. I love seeing big lugs like him be so gentle with puppies. And Seven is beyond adorable!

  3. What a great sibling Billy is :)

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. Wow, she's grown a lot. And you were right, it was worth watching the end of the video.

  5. Billy is SUCH a good foster brother! Your video made me laugh so hard...she is such a goof...but the sweet kisses at the end?! Oh my my....tears! Love it!

  6. Seven is such a happy puppy! She is absolutely adorable, and Billy has got to be one of the best big brothers ever, foster or otherwise! Thanks for making one of the best videos I've seen in ages, the Queen soundtrack was perfect.

  7. Good God, that is so precious. Such wacky happy fun--they are so sweet together!

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  9. Glad that they are all enjoying themselves so much! Talk about quality bonding. =)


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