Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scabby Dog

Billy has an itch.

I've suffered from eczema my whole life and when I was younger, my friends were all trained to remind me not to scratch as I could make myself bleed without even realizing. Now my pooch is doing the same thing and I wince every time his leg goes. At first I wondered whether he'd managed to pick up some fleas despite his monthly Frontline treatment but I've combed through his coat daily and can't find any evidence of them. Additionally, it seems to be mainly his paws and his head that are bothering him and I'm not sure that would be the case if it was beasties.

I hoped a soothing bath might help but it doesn't seem to be improving so alas we're off to the vet. In the meantime, my scabby pooch looks like he's been in some tough fights.

Ironically enough, I've had some problematic skin myself recently but I've been ignoring it due to the whole unemployment game I've got going on at the moment. I know I'm not the only one who avoids the doctor for myself but seems to visit the vet every other month!


  1. Aww, poor guy. Hopefully he gets all not-itchy soon!

  2. Aww hoping the vet can make Billy feel all better. We go the vet 10 to 1 verses going to the dr. Pauley has allergies & we have started using Comfy Dog shampoo & Fur Butter from Happy Tails Canine Spa; it is all natural. While he is still searching for the cure all, this helps him feel better :)

  3. Poor guy. Hopefully the vet can help come up with a solution.

  4. Oh no, no fun :( I hope his skin starts feeling better soon.

  5. I definitely feel for you! Very few things are worse that hearing your dog itch and scratch and have no way to help them. I hope he feels better soon!

  6. I hope he is OK! Kaya had a terrible hot spot once and the holistic vet recommended I apply aloe vera with lanacaine (the blue kind). the aloe helped heal the sore and the lanacaine numbed the itch a bit. I wonder if that might help or if Billy would just lick it right off?


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